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Mining Products: Conveying

MK2 Fines Conveyor

Holywell MK2 fines conveyors incorporate numerous special features to provide trouble-free operation at manless transfer points. Ease of maintenance has been of paramount importance. Access to replacement parts is excellent and standard BC components are incorporated where possible to reduce the need for special spares inventories.


A Sliding chain strippers follow idler shaft movement
B 19mm Chain to B.C. Spec'133 with standard 'D' link connections
C Top and bottom flanges pattern drilled for support stool or hangers
D Drive reduction gives chain speed of 36.6ft/min
E Removeable deck plates on all sections
F Intermediate sections available 1000 and 1500mm long
G Automatic chain tensioner equipment
H Chain adjustment and pre-tension via springs and screws
i Unrestricted discharge area

There are manual and auto-tension models to suit standard belt widths of 36" (900), 42" (1050) and 48" (1200) conveyors. The equipment can be assembled in increments of 500mm up to 10m to suit all conditions (longer versions to order). Their low profile design is particularly suited to situations where headroom is at a premium.
All joints are flanged, for easy 'on-site' replacement, or to accommodate changes to conveyor length or drive. Additional optional features and equipment includes: hinged stainless steel chute which can be adjusted to site conditions; floor mounted support structure; pipe connection to drain excess water and Holywell's Microcon 8085 conveyor speed and temperature monitoring systems.

1 Drive unit driven by 7.5kw motor through gear box of 10hp hydraulic drive - can be mounted either side of conveyor
2 Drive unit can be replaced using minimum time and tools
3 Scrapers at 2m centres efficiently clear all fines conveyed to bottom deck
4 Return chain seperated from bottom chain by renewable channel
5 Easy, protected access to renewable parts
6 Safety guards at head and return ends
7 Double roller tapered bearings are self-aligning for easy roller replacement
8 Discharhe over full conveyor width either through the front or base conveyor
9 Low noise levels (85dBL equivalent)
10 No spill plates required - fines conveyor exceeds belt width and allows low installation height

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